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Jag bokade Donna för att ta graviditetsbilder. Det var underbart att jobba med henne då hon hela tiden letade efter den bästa platsen och ställningen. Donna arbetar pedagogiskt och håller ett samtal samtidigt. Hon hade med sig ett underbart klädesplagg som fungerade fantastiskt på bilderna.
Linnéa Berglund

En glädje att arbeta med. Donna gör dig så avslappnad att du inte känner att du fotograferas så att bilderna ser så naturligt ut. Högsta kvalitet bilder.
Kerstin Carpenter

We hired Donna to be our wedding photographer as recommended by my sister in law and brother in law. We live in New York while planning a wedding in Sweden. The fact that Donna is very professional helped a lot specially with planning a long distance wedding. She did our prenuptial photos and they came out very well. She recommended the places where to take the photos and they were great locations.

Donna went out of her way to provide us with snow boots so we can walk in 2 feet of snow and go to a beautiful location to take pictures. For the wedding, she even lent us props to use for the venue and was quick to answer any inquiries we have. I just showed her examples of shots I wanted and she made it happen. The wedding photographs came out very beautiful, like the ones in wedding blogs and magazines. We are very pleased. Donna is very friendly and just pleasant to be around with. I highly recommend her and will definitely hire her again to photograph our family events.
Arvee Claravall

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